Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Separation

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Self-cleaning Permanent Magnetic Separator

Permanent Magnetic Separator Models are manufactured from MANUAL CLEANING or SELF CLEANING when the ..

Grate Magnet square DMRA/6-6-N-3

The Magnetic Grills are an excellent alternative to achieve a maximum cleaning of iron particles tha..

Magnetic Filter Line Fluids and Sausages

Magnetic Filter Line Fluids and SausagesThrough the years, MEDRANO MAGNETICS S.A. de C.V. has develo..


Features:The DIMAG-MTY magnetic grids cabinets, designed for the retention of ferrous particles and ..

Magnetic Remover for Particles

Designed to remove fine to fine iron particles by belt conveyance, a small 1/8 "bed of material is t..

Permanent Magnetic Separator Type Rotary Drum

DIMAG Rotary Drum Permanent Magnetic Separators are an excellent solution for automatically removing..

Resbaladilla magnetica para material solido

ideal para montarse en las salidas de las bandas transportadoras de producto terminado antes de su e..

Suspended Electromagnet Manual Cleaning Model: DSES24-LA

Description: The Suspended Electromagnet provides tramp metal collection from conveyed material..