Drawer Grates

Drawer Grates

Description: Drawer Grates remove tramp metal from dry, free-flowing materials such as sugar, spices, plastics and chemicals. These grates are located directly over machinery openings and below material hoppers so that all material must pass before entering the process machinery, insuring constant magnetic protection. These in-line magnetic filters are ruggedly constructed to support the weight of material hoppers, dryers and mixers. The magnetic housings match existing hopper mounting facilities for easy installation.

Second traduction features

The DIMAG-MTY magnetic grids cabinets, designed for the retention of ferrous particles and configured as an invisible mesh to capture and retain as many iron particles as possible, are handled in several presentations, matching the need of the applicant company, in this way fulfilling the needs within each productive area.

The magnetic denominations are the following:

DGM-CER, this equipment is of low magnetic field (2,000 gauss), normally used for the retention of very large particles, of greater mass and easy to see.DGM-NEO, equipment normally used for the high magnetic field capacity it reaches, capable of retaining very fine particles, the NEO grades are: low (6,000 gauss), medium (8,000 gauss), high (9,500 gauss) and high intensity (11,000 gauss)DGM-Sm2Co17, equipment that enters the middle range of magnetic capacity (7,000-8,000 gauss), with the particularity that is used for high temperatures, capable of supporting up to 250 ° c

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