Our company

Medrano Magnetics S.A. de C.V., is a Mexican company that offers the service of manufacture, repair, development and innovation of magnetic equipment, always looking to have greater security in their products to the client, starting operations in 2005 as a partnership.

Medrano Magnetics currently two plants in function, achieved successfully collaborate with reputable companies in the steel industry and metalworking, obtaining a great career and recognition by them, for his handling security in both product and personnel serving them.

currently located in private street Arturo Macias Zertuche 193 , in the township           of Guadalupe N.L. Mexico.


Our mission is to be recognized by the customer to improve competitiveness and productivity together through an efficient industrial and technological development and global distribution network, developing leaders to follow the same ideology within the company Medrano Magnetics.

Ing. Alfredo Hernandez Medrano

Medrano CEO Magnetics


Our values

Responsibility: Follow the guidelines and rules of the company Medrano Magnetics, also with the parameters and needs of businesses that rely on our quality, service and safety by giving us entry to them.

Quality: Quality that distinguishes us for over 30 years of experience in the magnetic field, make links with associated clients are consolidated to the point of being preferred suppliers in their companies, so we make sure all our employees generate the highest quality standards.

Service attitude: Everyone in our company, without exception, try to be friendly, proactive and interested in the efficient and effective delivery of our services, also, advise before and after the acquisition of equipment, counseling ends until the customer satisfied.

Innovation: always prominent in our daily activities, always offering the best possible solutions within the company and with our customers.

Punctuality: Permanent Value in our daily work and reflects respect for the time of our clients.

Commitment: With all of our customers by providing quality services to society by creating a stable environment for the families of our employees and the environment, ensuring and respecting the norms established for their care environment.

Honesty: Transcendent and especially healthy, understood this as the ability to act correctly according to the values ​​of the company in each and every activity we do.

Loyalty: Maintains sign our values, our services and our people with a sense of respect and fidelity to moral principles.

Discipline: As part of our specialty, to achieve synergy with the customer for delivery of your product as well as comply with the work plan layout and meet the goals that marks the company.



Medrano Magnetics S.A. de C.V., is to be the largest manufacturer of magnetic equipment in your country and be a leader in innovation and design of equipment, always complying with the parameters of safety, quality and ergonomics; allocating the necessary resources within the company, properly training our employees and promoting teamwork and exalting the sense of belonging.


Our short-term view, is to obtain recognition of as many Mexican companies, thus achieving positioning the brand as DIMAG-MTY Medrano Magnetics Company S.A. de C.V.

Our long-term vision is a Mexican company in the magnetic field, manages to be a leading brand in the world, opening sales branches and points of repair and maintenance in different strategic countries; It is an innovative company looking to the future and a financially strong company, managing to be the best place to work.