Grate Magnet square DMRA/6-6-N-3

Grate Magnet square DMRA/6-6-N-3

The Magnetic Grills are an excellent alternative to achieve a maximum cleaning of iron particles that travel with powder-like materials, the material is submitted to a magnetic field achieving the capture of ferric particles that travel in it.

They are manufactured with super powerful magnetic tubes 1 "in diameter, mounted on rigid frames with round deviators or angle forcing the material to make contact with the magnets making the iron particles are trapped.

  • Each Grill can be manufactured with the measurements and the material required by the process.
  • The high intensity DIMAG-MTY magnetic grids are essential for the elimination of ferrous contaminants that arise in hoppers, containers, pipelines, pipes, etc. Where free material flow occurs.
  • The grilles are made to special measure, if it is necessary to adjust irregular hoppers.
  • The manufacture of the grids is in T316L stainless steel in different thicknesses, depending on the need of the process or its abrasion
  • The number of magnetic bars is determined based on the dimensions of the raw material and / or ferric contaminant, for an efficient ferric material capture, it is recommended not to exceed half an inch on the periphery of the bar to ensure its full capacity.
  • Its mode of installation is simple, it is placed to the adjustment of the taper or on an antimagnetic base.

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