Mining Industry

Mining Industry
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Electro Lifting Magnets for Wire coils

These equipments are useful for manipulating materials such as sheets, plates, billets, ingots, stru..

Magnetic Pulleys

DESCRIPTION:Provides a uniform permanent magnetic pulley that will transform your belt conveyor int..

Self-cleaning Permanent Magnetic Separator

Permanent Magnetic Separator Models are manufactured from MANUAL CLEANING or SELF CLEANING when the ..


Electromagnetic Separators in their type of manual or self-cleaning are used mainly when the materia..

Permanent Magnetic Separator Type Rotary Drum

DIMAG Rotary Drum Permanent Magnetic Separators are an excellent solution for automatically removing..

Suspended Electromagnet Manual Cleaning Model: DSES24-LA

Description: The Suspended Electromagnet provides tramp metal collection from conveyed material..