Electro Lifting Magnets for Wire coils

Electro Lifting Magnets for Wire coils

These equipments are useful for manipulating materials such as sheets, plates, billets, ingots, structural plates, among other materials.

It is used in the foundry industries to facilitate and make the work area safer as well as handling materials.

They are rectangular electromagnets, of great mechanical resistance to the blows and the abrasion and of great capacity of the attraction. Does it offer the full range of capabilities and capabilities? With respect to its constructive characteristics it is possible to emphasize the following :? Bell in the form of magnetic circuit. High permeability, high strength, resistant, stainless steel housing. Special insulation of the thermal class? Larger and sturdy shield. Extra thick.

The DIMAG-MTY equipment has been designed for the transport and handling of flat or cylindrical steel parts, individually installed as a whole. When the equipment works individually is activated by a control, generating electrical impulses, the equipment magnetizes to lift the load and in the same way demagnetizes to release it, without taxes there is no voltage input during the elevator offering a saving of up to 95% of the electric energy. DIMAG-MTY permanent electrical magnets do not have a battery bank to operate in the event of a power shortage, as it has a sophisticated design that allows it to hold the load without any power source, so its movements are much safer To avoid serious accidents. For its operation the operator controls the function of the equipment through a momentary switch of power, with which it activates and deactivates the magnetism, it allows to hold strongly the parts or to cancel completely the magnetic field.

Advantages of buying electrical-permanent equipment DIMAG-MTY

Safety factor 3 to 1

  • No power required during operation
  • Selection of individual pieces in multiple cuts
  • In case of loss of current do not release the load
  • Compact and custom designs
  • Greater security in your movements
  • Easy-to-replace components, no need for e-cards
  • Some companies currently have permanent electrical magnets DIMAG-MTY.

 Ternium , Trinity Rail, Metalsa, San Luis Rassini, Valmont, Absteel, Sae Tower, Prolamsa, etc.

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