Circular Lifting Magnets

Circular Lifting Magnets


• An intense magnetic field, to manipulate the cuts, billet, breaking ball, burr receptions, and scrap.

• 230 VDC

[4:05 PM, 6/13/2019] +52 1 81 2514 8171: • DCEA- standard aluminum field

• DCEC- copper standard field

• DCPA- deep aluminum field

• DCPC- deep copper field

• DCEPC- extra deep copper field

Equipment with a high life cycle and little maintenance, which will help your plant to lower costs.

  • 75% duty cycle

• Aluminum and copper coils

• Main insulations class "H" 220 degrees C °

• Mechanized Robust Construction

• High strength chains

• Manganese protection plate with high resistance to impacts and wear

• Coated poles to withstand wear and abrasion of work

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