Steel Industry

Steel Industry

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Electro Lifting Magnets for Wire coils

These equipments are useful for manipulating materials such as sheets, plates, billets, ingots, stru..

Circular Lifting Magnets

 Description: • An intense magnetic field, to manipulate the cuts, billet, breaking ball, ..

Electro Lifting Long Magnet

The characteristics of these large bipolar electro magnets are relatively the same as for small bipo..

Electro rectangular magnet DER482.53

Description: Electro rectangular magnets are specially designed for the easy and economical handling..


Lifting MagnetFeatures:The DIMAG permanent lifting magnets, multi-pole DMP models, are made of a mat..

Scrap Magnet Light Duty

Characteristics:• Electromagnets of intense magnetic field, to manipulate the cuts, receptions of bu..